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Pomme Translations

Pomme Translation: Corinne Uzan

A few words about myself:

My name is Corinne Uzan.
I am a professional translator and the owner of Pomme Translations.
I was born in Normandy, France, and moved to Israel at the age of 22.
I hold a Bachelor's Degree in English and Modern Literature from Rouen University in France and another Bachelor's in Hebrew from the Sorbonne.
I obtained my Master's Degree in TOFL (teaching French as a foreign language) and acquired my professional translation credentials from Bar Ilan University in Israel, successfully graduating with a diploma in Translation Studies.
A few years later, I was officially certified as a professional translator by the French Consulate in Israel.
I offer over 22 years of translating experience, complemented by overseas experience, an uncompromising work ethic and competitive prices - in a nutshell, all the makings of a successful translating firm.

My Vision

High-quality translation can often define success from failure, closeness from detachment, understanding from vagueness, professionalism from amateurship.
Finding a top-notch translator, who can deliver quality service while sticking to a firm schedule and adapting to the unique needs of each individual client, is not easy task.
To me, professional service is not a vague term, but a state of mind that puts your success in first place.
As a professional translator, I view myself as your representative within languages and cultures foreign to you and ultimately, as a partner in your success.