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Pomme Translations

Pomme Translation

Pomme Translations is a professional firm specializing in French, English and Hebrew translations. Pomme offers a wide range of professional services, including legal, medical and technical translations, as well as consecutive translation (interpretation) for various legal and business meetings and frameworks.

Pomme Translations was founded 22 years ago by Corinne Uzan, a professional translator officially recognized by the French Consulate in Israel. Pomme's clients include consulates and embassies, law firms and medical companies, business delegations and government offices, small businesses and individuals.

Pomme is French for apple. France is true apple country, and apples have become a natural part of French culture and cuisine. For Corinne Uzan, founder of Pomme Translations, apples symbolize home; Normandy, her place of birth, is known for the majestic apple trees that cover its rural landscape. Pomme's translations is renowned for its superior quality and are tailor-made to fit the needs of each and every client; yet most of all, they are inspired by the landscape of Normandy and paint each word with flavor, color and life.